Team 1262 History


2014 — "The STAGS"
Aerial Assist

The STAGS advanced to the championship round as a part of the number 6 seed. A valiant effort, but no 3–peat.

2013 - "The STAGS"
Two in a row!

VA FIRST Regional alliance winners for the second year. The STAGS continued their winning streak this year with help from Teams 1610 "B.O.T." and 1541 "MidloCANics". In Ultimate Ascent we were able to keep the Frisbees flying. For the sixth year running, the Imagery award came home with the STAGS. The team traveled to St. Louis for the FIRST Championship



2012 — "The STAGS"
We won it all!

VA FIRST Regional alliance winners. The STAGS finally pulled it all together and found ourselves in an alliance with Teams 384 "Sparky" and 435 "Robodogs" in the final competition. With basketballs flying left and right, our alliance finally brought home the win. The Imagery award returned home with the STAGS and we were also presented the Quality award. The team traveled to St. Louis for the FIRST Championship.

2011 — "The STAGS"
Logo Motion

The STAGS were ready with their red, white, and blue. Although we were unable to make it to the finals, we did redeem ourselves by winning the Imagery award for the fourth time.



2010 — "The STAGS"
Better luck next time…

Due to many snow days, our luck took a turn in the wrong direction this year, as we were plagued with cancelled meetings. However, we trudged on! We learned the true meaning of gracious professionalism with a neighboring rookie team, team 3258. Along with showing them whatever we could about the game, we helped them build their robot alongside ours and gave them a heads up about the competition. This was a year we wouldn’t forget.

2009 — "The STAGS"
Third time's a charm.

Because of our large improvements the two previous years, we were filled with new energy. Determined to continue improving, the STAGS arrived in full uniform every single day. Our colors matched our green and yellow mailbox, dry erase board, picket fences, banners, and robot. As soon as the antlers appeared, everyone knew the STAGS were here. We were awarded the Imagery Award for the third year in a row. We were unstoppable.



2008 — "The STAGS"
On a roll!

After much success last year, the STAGS were ready to compete once again! Along with our returning green and yellow, we built a HUGE robot claw to hurdle balls. Our team's robot placed 10th out of 64 teams, advanced to the championship round, and won the Imagery Award for the second year in a row top-padded bottom-padded. SUCCESS!

2007 — "The STAGS"
A new beginning.

This was the year "we ran like a deer." We were the STAGS — Science, Technology, and Gifted Students. Equipped with our new bright green jumpsuits, yellow shirts, and antler hardhats, we made a name for ourselves. After three years of learning and redesigning our entire team, our hard work paid off! We won our first award in Richmond — the Imagery Award that "celebrates attractiveness in engineering and outstanding visual aesthetic integration of machine and team appearance."



2006 — "Deloris"

Team 1262 became "The Hatchett" with a robot named Deloris in 2006. With few students the first two years, the rapid growth of the team to 25 students taught all of us how to compromise. Arguments erupted within the team between boys and girls about the colors of our team. While girls wanted hot pink, boys wanted navy blue. Therefore, after much debate, we finally compromised — we became a unified team of hot pink and navy blue the day competition began in March.

2005 — "The Beast"
A second chance.

After last year's difficult finish, the team was filled with determination. With knowledge of the previous year's failures, one year of experience, and a lot of heart, success was in the making. This was the year we gained two more mentors. This was the year we grew to a team of twelve. This was the year we graduated from a basement to a shop. This was the year "The Beast" was made. Things were looking up!



2004 — "APEX"

Our rookie year was definitely a year to learn! It brought new meaning to the word "rookie". With a small team of seven students and two mentors, our robot, Apex, began in the basement of a mentor with little support. First year’s finish left a lot to be desired.